What We Believe

True health starts in the gut with digestion and nutrition

Stress is a main cause of disease

Stress comes in the form of nutrition, emotions, and/or structure

Systemic health can be achieved with consistent efforts

The food supply is much different than in the past

Excessive processing of food destroys its nutrients and quality

Thorough investigation can lead us to the root cause of disease

Many disease states can be corrected with proper nutrition

There is wisdom in blending traditional and non-traditional medicine into functional medicine

Targeted enzyme therapy can help guide the body back to a more normal state (homeostasis)

Where there seems to be no hope, that there always is hope

Giving up is not an option

We are dedicated to restoring your health

What We Do

Nurse For Health is dedicated to health restoration, and changing the face of medicine, one motivated person at a time. We treat ailments and sickness naturally utilizing scientific resources and evaluation to do so. Our health evaluation and treatment contains the following:

  • Health History and Survey
  • Diet Evaluation
  • 24 Hour Urinalysis Collection
  • Palpation exam for stressed areas of the body that identifies contracted muscles resulting from poor nutrient absorption (local clients only)
  • Lab testing and re-testing as needed
  • Hormone Testing and Neurotransmitter Testing
  • Review and recommendations for specific enzyme therapy as well as diet and lifestyle improvement
  • Ongoing nutritional healing and emotional support

How We Do It

The evaluation and treatment protocol may seem daunting. But it isn’t. We make every effort to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible.

  • Our health history can be can completed online, and an additional PDF is mailed to you to fill out and send back.
  • The comprehensive 24-hour urinalysis tests for nutrient deficiencies, which means the treatment plan for healing can begin almost immediately.
  • Urinalysis test kits can be drop shipped, and the review can be done by phone.
  • Hormone/Neurotransmitter Test Kits can also be drop-shipped to those who choose those services.
  • Lab tests can be ordered for you to take to the nearest test drawing site.
  • We are available whenever you need us to address your concerns and support your physical, mental and emotional health needs throughout your entire treatment process.
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Who We Are

Suzan Macco is a Licensed Registered Nurse since 1979, who specialized in Pediatric Orthopedics, Cardiac-Thoracic and Neurosurgery, Neonatal ICU, and Hemodialysis. She is now in private practice as a Certified Digestive Health Specialist through the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition and a Certified Natural Health Professional.

Sue has a lot of credentials to her name. But the most impressive credential? She is a survivor. She is a twice-diagnosed cancer survivor, who after searching for traditional medicine to help her cope with and cure her cancer, and found it unsettling in many ways (“cookie cutter” approach, chemicals used for treatment, lack of continued care and nutrition), she turned to a holistic, natural cancer treatment. Even though her second bout with breast cancer was Stage 4 at diagnosis, she overcame it through enzymes and other natural therapies. Within only four months, her cancer was almost completely gone according to a PET Scan.

Her practice is grounded in Green Bay, WI., but she has the privilege of serving clients throughout the United States, including California, Texas, Minnesota, West Virginia, and Idaho.

Sue is passionate about her work and her patients. Her personal experience of illness and treatment is carried through in the compassion and concern she shows. Her focus is on getting you well, physically, emotionally and mentally.




Jamie Steinbrinck is our Office Administrator at Nurse for Health. She is an integral part of all aspects of the company– including scheduling, ordering, inventory, and client relations. She is the first to welcome our clients each day with her positive and empathetic personality. Jamie loves building relationships with our clients within the atmosphere of NFH, and given her background in administration and public relations, is a natural fit within this position.

She first became interested in natural health when she had children, and is thankful for the continual knowledge she receives here that she can build into her own life. When not working hard for your best health, she loves spending time with her husband and three children enjoying the Wisconsin landscape. Hiking, camping, gardening, and a good game of cards with her family bring joy to her days.


You’ll work with Tina Harpold, our ZYTO Scan and Max Pulse Technician, during your in-office scan appointments. She is amazing with clients when testing them and her reviews are thorough as she puts our clients at ease. We also put her photography and design background to good use on our NFH Facebook Page, NFH Online Store, and other office materials. When she’s not in our office, she runs Tina Harpold Photography, and a variety of other art-related operations.

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“I cannot say enough good about Suzan at Nurse for Health. I have struggled with acid reflux and digestive issues for years. I started seeing Suzan in January and she started me on a couple enzymes. The difference was night and day. My acid reflux is gone and I am no longer vomiting. It is such a huge change.” –E.S.