Hawthorn; The Heart of The Matter

Heart HealthThe heart matters. In life and in love. So the only thing that should flow through its arteries is blood and love for all you hold dear. Hawthorn can help.

Hawthorn; Good for the heart

Hawthorn Berries

It is the oldest-known medicinal plant, and was first recorded as good for the heart in the first century by Greek herbalist Dioscorides. It has been the go-to heart herb ever since. In fact, today, it is an ingredient in 213 commercial European herbal formulas, which are mostly used for the treatment of cardiovascular issues.*

Hawthorn at its essence is a small shrub or tree that grows throughout the northern hemisphere and whose berries, leaves and flowers are harvested and processed into extracts. The hawthorn berry bush belongs to the same family of plants as apples and roses, so it’s fitting that the fruit is usually brilliant red (and good for the heart that’s always depicted as red). The benefits are extensive, even for issues of digestion and stomach pain, anxiety, and intestinal infections. For matters of the heart and circulatory function, it’s all-around excellent – helping keep the strong-pumping, smooth- flowing, life-sustaining heart muscle alive and well.

• Counteracts cholesterol induced arterial plaque
• Increases blood flow to the heart muscle
• Steadies the heartbeat (antiarrhythmic effect)
• Improves contractility of the heart muscle (which can lead to a stronger pumping action of the heart)
• Lowers peripheral vascular resistance (reducing the workload of the heart)
• Increases the heart’s tolerance to oxygen deficiency (which might happen during times of stress or excitement)
• Increases overall cardiac performance and output
• Treats high blood pressure and low blood pressure
• Reduces angina, or chest pain

And isn’t it only appropriate that because the Hawthorn herb cares for matters of the heart, the tree is a symbol of love and union of couples in marriage?  Yes it is.

Heart Health

Find out what benefits the heart

If you have three minutes…yes, only three minutes, Nurse For Health can evaluate your atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease risk through a Max Pulse cardiovascular assessment.

It’s easy and noninvasive. Using a finger clip, blood flow is tested through the pulse wave. The sensor follows the blood as it leaves the heart and flows through the blood vessels down to the finger. This offers a snapshot into the cardiovascular system, blood flow, and arterial elasticity (or rigidness), and offers insight into where you stand in regard to heart health.

Hawthorn has been the go-to heart herb ever since the Greek herbalist Dioscorides

Hawthorn, the premier heart tonic for improving heart function

But no matter where you stand, any time is a good time to introduce the benefits of this fabulous herb to your heart. This is particularly true if a family member has heart or vascular problems, or if you eat a diet with high levels of fat. Nurse For Health’s circulatory enzyme has a substantial presence of Hawthorn, among other heart helpful herbs, and is a good place to start.

Hawthorn loves your heart. And you’ll love what Hawthorn can do for the health of it.