Emotions Check; Talking Yourself Sick?

Emotions can make you or break you. Are you perpetually talking yourself off a cliff only to land in oblivion? If you’re a believer you might want oblivion as being in the arms of Jesus which might be a welcome sight in the face of pain and suffering. Or you might be ok with another outcome. Or you might want to see your grandkids grow up. (Me).

What you tell yourself matters. What you tell others matters.

I’ve been reminded of this many times. It’s either self inflicted or it hits me again from my clients. I have no idea how many times I’ve said “it’s not YOUR cancer. You don’t own it. Quit claiming it!

How does one ignore the limitations placed on you, smile in the face of pain and keep going? Or deal with the emotions heaped on you?

I don’t have all of the answers but I knew that I needed to shed my own emotional baggage from claiming me so I could survive to fight another day. And I’ve said more than once… “why me God? Why must I experience everything in order to have empathy for my clients?”

And I keep hearing, “because you will do something with it.”

I can’t do it alone though. I’m not trying to be insensitive. It’s really encouraging to see some effort in people trying to get well because the strength to heal MUST come from yourself.

I have my favorite healing videos linked in another post. Plus there are probably millions of healing videos, frequency music, and affirmations on YouTube and Spotify. Other measures that help are essential oils, flower essences, (see flower Essence questionnaires on our site);  tapping (EFT), sound therapy, breathing techniques. Yes, a little self care might be in order. ❤️

A recent discovery of mine this past year is the book, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.” Haven’t you ever been reminded of something and thought, “geez, I thought I was over that. Time to get to work on your mind again. Try the tapping (also free guidance On YouTube). This book is also available on Amazon.

There is also evidence on the National Institute of Health website about emotions and pain. So it is well documented. 

I’m not sure what needs to happen to stimulate the will and ability to fight but my hope is that you don’t just give up without a fight. We can do this together! ❤️