Custom Flower Essence Blend

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1 oz blend in dropper bottle

Ingredients: Flower essences that you request in the text box above, organic vegetable glycerin, purified water.

How it works

Flower essences work energetically by stimulating awareness of our conflicts and challenges, and they strengthen our ability to work through the obstacles to our health and growth. Thus, taking flower essences may at times stimulate some discomfort and awareness of pain or conflict. This is a normal part of the journey towards wellness, and can lead to a much more complete state of health than the suppression of pain, or artificial stimulation of feelings through bio-chemical intervention.

Take one of the below surveys (for free!) to determine which specific flower essences you need most.

No one but YOU will see your answers, so be sure to tell us your top 6 results in the text box above to get the correct blend.

Quick Form 38 Questions (~5 minutes) 38 flower essences
Standard Form 120 Questions (~15-20 minutes) 38 flower essences
Long Form 430 Questions (~60 minutes) 156 + 38 flower essences

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