Not a Medical Practice. Something More…


“We can’t do anything to treat you, but we can make you comfortable.”


Maybe you’ve heard this before. Maybe you’ve even heard it recently. In 2015 this was the offer given to Sue Macco by her doctors when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. It was a prognosis that meant death.


But “…we can make you comfortable…” just wasn’t good enough.


Through an aggressive combination of enzyme therapy, supplements, and essential oils, Sue beat the cancer that doctors wouldn’t treat, in four months. Now, almost four years later, Sue uses her knowledge, resources, and personal experience to help others face their own health challenges through personalized enzyme therapy plans at Nurse for Health.


At Nurse for Health, Sue approaches healing differently. It’s not a medical office. You’ll not find any lab coats (unless Sue is brewing another tincture!) or needles promising pain. It is a departure from convention; a stepping stone on the way to better health. Their enzymes are not medicinal, they are natural. The tinctures homemade. The essential oils of the highest quality. And the homeopathic remedies detox, repair, and restore.


After sharing her story across several cancer platforms, her message of healing naturally spread across the globe. She now sees clients across the United States, and as far away as Europe and Australia. Her office receives calls daily from people fed up with conventional options (or lack thereof) and inspired by her journey off the beaten medical path.


If you think you’re out of options, YOU’RE NOT. If you think you’ll never feel good, or your body will never heal, give her a chance to prove you wrong.


All you have to gain is your life.

Author: Julie Bielen