Flower Essence Survey

WHY Flower Essences?

Working with flower essences will help you to feel more alive and in touch with your goals, values, and creativity. However, the essences do not create euphoria, nor do they banish pain and conflict. They work by stimulating awareness of our conflicts and challenges, and they strengthen our ability to work through the obstacles to our health and growth. Thus, taking flower essences may at times stimulate some discomfort and awareness of pain or conflict. This is a normal part of the journey towards wellness, and can lead to a much more complete state of health than the suppression of pain, or artificial stimulation of feelings through bio-chemical intervention.

Choose which form you wish to determine your needs, then send us your top 6 flowers recommended and we will ship to you! U.S. territory only, sorry!

Quick Form http://bit.ly/NFH-quickflowers 38 Questions (~5 minutes) 38 flower essences $20

$35 for two

Standard Form http://bit.ly/NFH-standardflowers 120 Questions (~15-20 minutes) 38 flower essences $20

$35  for two

Long Form http://bit.ly/NFH-longflowers 430 Questions (~60 minutes) 156 + 38 flower essences $20  

$35 for  two

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Over 200 flower essences + other products in our inventory that you can take home with you the same day $129 (1 flower essence blend included, refills half price when picked up locally)