Enzymes, Why Do I Need Them?

Enzymes are the nutrition world’s best kept secret.  Without enzymes, we die.  They are the little workers made of protein that make things happen. They make changes with ease which spares your body’s own energy required to make things happen… like digestion, relieving inflammation, managing hormones, and more. While everyone is talking about vitamins, few people talk about the enzymes that make ABSORBING those vitamins possible.

There is enzyme activity in every part of your body. Even opening your eyes requires an enzyme reaction. For example, they are needed to break down proteins into amino acids so that they can be absorbed. As we age, our enzymes production slows down. And stress (emotional, structural, or nutritional) will increase your need for more enzymes. More stress creates more waste, and more waste needs to be removed. Cooking, canning, baking and roasting all destroy enzymes in food. That is the benefit of having raw fruits and vegetables with each meal. The enzymes in those foods are still intact, which helps your body to digest that food, using less of your own enzyme power.

While it excites me to see people using such a great supplement, how do you know what you should use? So many blends and so many products, it can be so confusing! It is our belief that one size does not fit all.


There are more and more people stressed these days, and that affects the gut lining. The lining breaks down due to stress. When stomach acid is produced to help you digest the food, it causes pain because there is no mucus protection as a barrier to the acid; it has been worn away. The only thing more caustic than stomach acid, is battery acid. No wonder it hurts!

The problem is not the acid… it’s the lining. Let’s look at that more.


STRESS damages the stomach lining… if you remember years ago, people would often say that they’re going to get an ulcer from worrying so much. This is so true. Stress can be another blog post all in itself and affects more than just the gut, so I will stick to enzymes here.

Are Enzymes One Size Fit All?

No two people are alike, therefore no two people use the same things to heal. I’ve seen many different enzyme supplements on the market. But which one is right for you?

The first questions I ask my new clients are:

  • Do you have or suspect an ulcer?
  • Do you have a hiatal hernia?
  • Do you have acid reflux?

Why? Those things usually exhibit with stomach pain, and we suspect erosion of the stomach lining. Strong enzyme blends that have high protease content will be irritating to the lining as well. In those cases, we have a blend that has emollients in it to heal that lining before moving on to something stronger. Healing is sometimes like peeling an onion.  We just need to go step by step by using more healing enzymes first before going with stronger enzyme blends.

Specific problems require more targeted enzyme blends. For example, hawthorn is just one of the healing herbs in the “Circ” enzyme, which supports the heart tissues, and there is glucosamine/chondroitin in the “Osteo” formula for joint support. The enzyme blend to support the urinary tract has Uva Ursi, a well known herb to heal that area.  Lymphatic cleanser enzyme formulas are available and most useful following surgeries where body processes have been purposely slowed down, which also slows down the removal of waste.

To us, healing is an art. We take great care in determining your needs. Call us to see how we can help you today.