Enzymes for Immune Health


Why Enzymes for Immune Health?

Enzymes make all body functions (including supporting your immune health) work faster, better, and more complete–they are catalysts that make things happen. What makes them even more unique is enzymes can be reused again and again. Enzymes do their work without being destroyed. They perform their duties and then move on to the next. enzyme action diagram

Picture a campfire. If you throw gas on the fire, it will almost explode! In this case, the gas is a catalyst that makes the fire burn bigger and brighter. Enzymes work like that in the body. They make processes work better and more effectively.

The production of enzymes takes place in the saliva, stomach, small intestine and pancreas. But without proper nutrient intake, enzyme production is inhibited. Also, as we age we produce fewer enzymes.

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Digestion’s Role in Immune Health

Enzymes digest food, fight inflammation, and remove waste. What other supplement does all that?

If food isn’t digested, the larger particles leak between the cells lining the intestines and end up in the bloodstream (known as leaky gut). Then the white blood cells must break down these large pieces of food, instead of doing their job protecting the immune system from harm.  

This is why the gut plays such a major role in immune health!

So we’re making it easy for you to get started!

Enzyme programs like these are only available through licensed health care practitioners like Suzan Macco at Nurse for Health. You get individualized attention and recommendations for enzymes targeted to support your health issues and test results. 


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