But I Can’t Feel Anything…

~ The Persistence of Healing ~

The anxiety imposed by illness is nothing new. You want to be well. Right NOW. Your family wants the same thing. But what’s enough effort? What’s enough healing? What’s enough waiting?

Nobody knows.

It’s easy to become discouraged. Why me? I only asked that question once… When I was diagnosed with cancer the first time. And I was given the answer within minutes. Because I will do something with it to benefit more people. After that, I knew I’d be ok. But I still had to go through the motions… the pokes and prodding, tests and results.

There is a part of healing that we forget. The process.

Health is not usually lost overnight, and is not usually completed overnight either.  We must go through the tedious work of what we think might cause healing. Trying to eat the right things, take the right supplements, get the right amount of sleep, and choosing the right coach. Who wouldn’t run away from this? I sure wanted to. But you soon realize that it’s totally up to you, and only you to pull yourself through.

In my case, I had been through the worst situation in my life. Later that day, I was diagnosed with stage 4. When my doctor told me that now we know what’s going to kill me, I literally said to myself, “I do not receive that!” I looked at the scan and felt defeated, but I also felt good, like I could start taking care of me now. Each day that I got up and felt good, I gave thanks. After learning about gratitude and healing, I write in a gratitude journal almost every day. The meditation work of Joe Dispenza fell upon me about a year ago. Since then I have been almost obsessed with his work. Especially his book, “you Are The Placebo.”  If you tap into his work, you will understand how our thoughts can hinder our healing and actually cause disease.

I learned a big lesson from a client who actually mentioned that she didn’t know if she will continue with the program because she didn’t feel anything. Hmmm, I like my clients to feel SOMETHING.  In her case she kept up with it and her most recent test results were exactly what she was looking for. It’s easy when someone has acid reflex because they usually feel something after the first dose. Or someone with constipation their whole life, will start to feel better because they are releasing so many toxins. Occasionally they will feel less pain.

BUT, the sneaky thing about cancer is that you don’t usually “feel” it coming on. So how can you feel it going away?

I did not know that my enzyme protocol was working either. I thought I was going in the right direction though because after a month I was breathing easier. The cancer had spread to my lungs. Another important fact about MY journey is that I NEVER did chemo and I never did radiation. So my results were amazing. But there are no guarantees! And some of our clients still eat McDonalds a few times a week even though we discourage fast food and processed food and give them a dietary guide.

What you put into healing yourself is of major importance!

The whole point is to not give up, to have faith, and have HOPE. That is what’s missing in the standard model of healing. And when you take your supplements, give thanks and tell yourself that you are doing good things for your body. Drink purified water (NOT alkaline water), work on your emotions, meditate, get enough sleep, eat wholesome foods, get a juicer and do juicing, and if you need guidance and support, contact us for a free 20 minute consult to see if we are a good fit.