Cancer Revisited 2015

How does one talk about a miracle…Twice?

I will not die but live, and proclaim what the Lord has done”. That has been my scripture since 2007.

I have been a registered nurse for over 35 years.  I have been a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, a Pediatric Orthopedic Nurse Clinician, worked in dialysis, cardiac-thoracic-neuro surgery, and with ventilator dependent children.  And yet I was becoming increasingly concerned over the years that my patients were getting sicker and their illnesses far more severe, and that I was only treating symptoms and not addressing underlying root causes of disease.

I had already been reading, attending seminars and learning about systemic answers to health care when, in April of 2007 I received those dreaded words, “You have cancer”.

Mine was stage two, ER- PR Positive, Her2 Neg breast cancer confined to the right breast.

I decided back then, after much consideration, to seek a blending of “traditional” and “non-traditional” medical care into what I would come to know as Functional Medicine.  For me that meant 3 weeks at Sanoviv Medical Institute, a new approach to nourishing my body and improved lifestyle choices.

My 2007 story of healing from cancer has already been discussed and as you know, and I enjoyed 8 years of health with no side effects.

Little did I know however what August 2015 would bring.


Round Two

As we come upon the one year anniversary of my recent diagnosis I feel obligated to talk about it.  The second part of Psalm 118:17 is that not just that I will not die, but live and that “I will proclaim what the Lord has done.”

Some of you may already know the journey of the last 12 months,  but many of you don’t.  Although others have mentioned it, not the least of which was our Governor when he called for prayer for me during his State of the State address, which I greatly appreciated and I believed helped, yet I myself have not mentioned it in public.  I didn’t tell most of my clients, and I only missed three days of work.

I admit, I had fallen off the health wagon and lifestyle choices I had implemented 8 years earlier from Sanoviv.  I missed some of my supplements and was either too busy or thought that I didn’t need them. My mother was not well, and would eventually die and I let my emotions get the best of me.  The same day my Mom’s rights were terminated, I found out that the cancer was back. Ugh… This time though, it was different, and much worse. I now was labelled with “stage four” cancer.

It was peppered through my lungs, some lymph nodes, in the right breast again and a little spot on my spine.  And now, oh… my…. gosh…… this time I got to hear the doctor say,

well, you have stage four cancer. We know what’s going to kill you, and we can’t cure you.  But we can keep you comfortable.”

First I thought, how will you do that???  Really wondering what that meant. But to me, that statement was a challenge.

I was now on a mission for remission.

Sometimes you can feel yourself slipping. After an extremely difficult year of dealing with my Mom’s illness and the emotions running high all around that, it really took a toll on me. To me, dealing with emotions is just as important as surgery for a broken bone.  That’s what I learned from all of this.  Do whatever you have to do to heal: listen to healing music, talk to a therapist, read good books, think good thoughts, verbalize them, and live it.   One book I found very helpful was “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. It’s worth looking into.


Putting The Gloves Back On ~ August – November, 2015

After the news, we went into overdrive.  Again.  The very first thing we did was to ask God for help, right there in the Dr’s office, and John led us in prayer on the spot. We saw new doctors, and contacted the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition (where I had my training) for some help. Seeing that “a doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient,” I didn’t want to come up with my own protocol.

I couldn’t afford to mess this one up.

I was seen by another Loomis practitioner who put me on a whopping Enzyme Protocol and sees me every six-eight weeks.   He is an amazing practitioner and I feel so much gratitude to him and the people in his office.   It should be mentioned that enzymes have been found to be an important part of healing cancer. I first learned about enzymes in 2007, then it came up again in 2009. I paid attention and got certified in Enzyme Therapy.

Along with enzymes, my protocol includes Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid IV’s twice a week, (for two months) Usana Vitamins, Soul Seeds (essential fatty acids), Colostrum, Turkey Tail, Laetrile (from Mexico), Protective Breast Formula, DDR Prime by doTerra, CuraPro. Plus not to forget numerous homemade tinctures and herbs from Jane, Jamie and Binky, my health conscious friends.  My chiropractor Amy, who keeps my head on straight, and several aroma touch massages from my friend Kim! A couple of neighbors juiced for me, I felt like all of the bases were covered. Most importantly, my family and my husband John who helps me tirelessly, Whew!

Do not ever complain to me about taking your vitamins. You will get absolutely no sympathy from me.  I now had a program that kicks butt.  I use a one week supplement divider… that I take daily, not weekly! I had to change the days on the packs to times of the day I needed to take my supplements, and put a medicine reminder app on my phone. It wasn’t easy and it takes a lot of time preparing.

We juiced regularly, at least 2-3 times a week, and still do. I also drink tea every day. I like this Spring Dragon Longevity Tea. Many great ingredients in it that have an actual health benefits.

And I also agreed to start taking an Aromatase Inhibitor.  Yes, I now take a prescription drug.  That was the hardest “pill to swallow” and I made my husband pray over the bottle and each of the pills for the first week!  The cancer was 98% estrogen dependent. SoOooo, I agreed to it.   There is a growing body of study on enzymatic protocol in treating disease with the simultaneous suppression and supplementation of certain enzymes.   With the help of my traditional medical doctors along with my support team at the Loomis Institute this enzymatic treatment, I believe, has been the foundation for my complete turnaround.

If that wasn’t enough, I also had a critically low sodium level. It was so low, my doctor called at 7pm one evening to tell me to get some Gatorade or she’d put me in the ICU.  She reminded me that low sodium causes nausea, headaches and death, which when she called, I was on my couch with a headache and feeling sick.  I argued that Gatorade had dye in it and didn’t want to drink it. But not having a better option, I had John pick some up.  I thought he would crash his car when I asked him for Gatorade!  But after 12 hours of using it as my beverage of choice, I felt much better, and I guess it did work.  I wasn’t satisfied using that drink to maintain my homeostasis though.  A couple weeks later, I was on a plane to a convention. I grabbed a book from my shelf that I remembered having for a while and read it on the plane.  It is called “Water and Salt” and there I found my answer.  I read most of the book and decided to make “SOLE,” pronounced so-lay, in my hotel room because it was SO easy, made with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and it’s loaded with 83 minerals.  I took it twice a day.  My sodium level stabilized.

Me getting my first IV Vitamin C, Aug 2015  

Me getting my first IV Vitamin C, Aug 2015

In a follow up visit, my doctor asked me what I like to do with my time. I said “do my job!” She said then just keep doing it. I missed three days of work. My friend Kristyn who does this same type of work came and saw my clients for me for one day.  Other than that, I kept working, seeing new clients and keeping up with current clients, doing several events and classes in the past year. I had Mondays & Wednesdays off, so I do all of my personal appointments on those days. Some of those days I would have an IV in the morning, and then drive two hours to see my Mom in a Nursing Home, and often get home after dinner.  Somewhere in there I would also attend numerous events with my husband who was elected into the State Legislature in November, 2014.  My “new normal” was a crazy schedule. But I believe in doing whatever you need to do.  I also love to do photography so I had to work that in somewhere too.  Moving into the Christmas season and I’m feeling better than ever.


The Miracle ~ December 2015

I had a follow-up PET scan in December.  As anyone who has had one knows, it’s agonizing waiting for results.  On the 14th I got a phone call from an unrecognized number, so I let it go to voicemail. It was a message from my Doctor, she said she just had to call me because my Pet scan showed so much improvement, it was unbelievable.  She still wanted to see me later in the week to review the scans, but felt I should know!  She’s a surgeon that told me she didn’t need to cut.  How great is that?  As she walked into the exam room, she smiled big and said “what have you been doing girl?! as she proceeded to hug me.  She examined me and then brought us to another room to review the scans.  When we saw the before and after films, they were like night and day.  From a speckled mess of black spots to clean and pretty much clear.  I had hoped that the scan might be better because I was feeling noticably better.  I had some wheeziness back in August, which went away rather quickly.  As a believer in Christ, I had always thought that miracles still happen, and on that day, we think we experienced one.

There’s nothing like positive reinforcement to make you want to keep trying. Not many people get rid of stage four cancer in FOUR months… Or do they?


Persistence & Perseverance ~ January – May 2016

Thankfully we have vegetables in our garden! Makes juicing easier!

Thankfully we have vegetables in our garden! Makes juicing easier!

The past six months were rigorous. Food, supplements, appointments, work, events, classes, studying, travel, death, and worry…. it all happened. Sometimes I felt sorry for myself but that didn’t last long.  My treatment left me feeling invigorated and ready for the day.  I was thankful for that.  My good report was great but, your mind can work overtime telling you that it might be a fluke.  So we told our boys and their wives, and our close friends and family.  As I wanted to scream it from the rooftops, we instead kept it rather quiet.  I continued all of my supplements (with a little tweaking), but I ran into a snag with obtaining the IV’s locally so I stopped.  I was a little nervous about that but I just accepted it and I felt good so as long as I had that, I was ok.  I attended two conventions, travelled to Sanoviv to help a friend for a week, and I took a class during that time, I also had several events in my office.  Considering the initial diagnosis, I was feeling rather energetic and blessed.  As my family and I continued to watch my mother deteriorate from dementia, it was almost relieving when she passed away on May 15th.  The past few years were very difficult for me and even more so since family didn’t agree on her care.  But now she was at peace, and I could return to healing.


Validation ~ June 2016

My third PET scan was just recently, on Monday June 13th.

Our meeting with the Oncologist was two days later on the 15th. His delivery of the news was a little different than my surgeon so it was a bit harder trying to figure out if we had good news or bad when he walked in. After a few minutes, it was obvious from the review of the scan that there was maybe, just maybe one little spot left. That spot they referred to as “hyper metabolic activity” and not cancer in December, so if it’s better now, I guess I can totally bank on continued healing and a deterioration of that hyper metabolic activity!

The amazing thing about this is that it had not even been a year. And most of the healing took place in the first four months. So I claim a miracle!

I would like to take some time to encourage others with severe health challenges. Don’t give up.   Keep looking for answers. We believe that we had divine guidance for the past several years in the direction of searching for more. More ways of healing, more ways of nurturing and building the body without toxins.  I now share with whoever comes my way as a client or comes to me through my website. I feel a responsibility now.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”

I am incredibly thankful to all of my family, friends, mentors, teachers, and people who have made my journey easier. God bless you all and keep you healthy.