Acid Reflux?

The pain of acid reflux can be incapacitating. Most people think that they are producing too much stomach acid but that is actually false. The real culprit is the poor condition and breakdown of the stomach lining. This can cause extreme discomfort with foods and supplements as well.

What are reasons for this breakdown in the lining?

To name a few, many drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, SSRI’s, Fosamax and more can cause this as a side effect. Acid blockers cause a reduction in stomach acid. Stomach acid is antibacterial! This in turn allows the bacteria H+ Pylori to take hold.

An even bigger problem from acid blockers is that they completely stop digestion of proteins and fats because the role of stomach acid is to:

-Activate enzymes pepsin and lingual lipase,

-Stimulate breakdown of plant connective tissues and cell walls

-Denature proteins and convert minerals to a more bioavailable form

-Contribute to the immune system by destroying ingested pathogens

When these acid-dependent digestive processes are inhibited, it causes further pain symptoms and health problems down the line as your body must work harder to try and compensate for these issues.

Besides that physical stress on the body, nutritional stressors such as alcohol or spicy foods can cause acid reflux. In fact, stress of any kind–especially emotional stress like worry, anxiety, or depression–can also cause it.

Left untreated, acid reflux symptoms can be serious and potentially lead to bleeding and possible hospitalization.

What Can We Do?

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By taking into account the complete picture of your health circumstances and assessing your test results, we make recommendations for specific enzymes to aid stressed organs. We also have enzymes to help with mood and sleep. Since emotions can be difficult to pinpoint, we utilize a thorough and detailed questionnaire to help determine what your needs are in a noninvasive way. See more on emotions here.

We also have flower essences, not only for in-house clients but also out of state clients that we ship to. We have three online questionnaires here (a short, standard, and long form) and after choosing one and answering the questions, we can ship you a custom blend to help you with your specific areas of emotional need.

Other things we recommend is energy frequency healing music. After all, we are energy beings!

Why wait? Whether your acid reflux is caused by physical, nutritional, or emotional stress, we can help you start healing today. You don’t have to settle for being in pain.

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~ Sue