Sue’s Supplements Used for Stage 4 Cancer


Due to high demand, I am posting my supplements and links here in a new post so it’s easy to find. Just because these worked for me, does NOT mean they work for everyone. Healing must come from correcting emotional battles, structural abnormalities, and nutritional DEFICIENCIES. There is much work to be done on yourself and sometimes a pill won’t work until you deal with the issues preventing healing. Having said that,  here is my list….

Sue’s Supplements used for Stage 4 Cancer:

  • Enzyme Therapy, (must be done through a practitioner like me. Message me if you’d like to start an enzyme program.)
  • Colostrum (Transfer Factor), I use Numedica Brand in my office. This is Dr Keech’s formulation.
  • Protective Breast Formula,
  • Laetrile,
  • Usana Vitamins: Essentials, Hepasil, coQ10
  • DoTerra DDR Prime  For cellular health. Studied at Univ of Utah. If you would like a PDF file about the research, please let me know. I use the softgels.
  • DDR Prime Video
  • DoTerra Serenity Capsules before bed.
  • DoTerra clove,  1 or 2 drops once a day in a homemade capsule, and another capsule with 3 drops each of frankincense and 3 drops copaiba once a day.
  • Soul Seed Nutrition, a powerful fatty acid formula. See the video about Soul Seeds killing cancer stem cells here.
  • IP6 with Inositol Powder (16 times stronger than the pills).
  • Natural Progesterone Cream (for estrogen dependent cancer),
  • And yes, reluctantly I use anastrozole. I forget occasionally and I don’t plan on using it much longer!
  • Also see products used in “Nurturing” in my post, “Stage 4, Finding Healing.”

Healing is more than pills. Please find ways to deal with emotional stress. Music, meditation, whatever it takes. I also talk about that in the original post as well.

Let yourself be healed!


~ Sue